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Team Competition


The top 3 schools will be in the running for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place positions and school trophy’s. Rankings will be calculated by overall points for the same school registered under the same name.

NOTE: A Registered Name for an academy must be the same for each academy to receive credit! Example: Team Academy “Berkley” and Team Academy “San Francisco” will be considered different academies even though they are the same affiliated academies! NO EXCEPTIONS

The point system is the following:
Champion ——————————— 9 points
Runner-up Champion——————3 points
Double third places———————1 point

The academy with the highest numbers of points will be winner and so on for the second and third places. All belts have the same scoring system and, only in case of a tie, the following rules will apply in terms of level accomplishments and weight:

Academy tied in points:
First Criterion: Highest number of Gold Medals
Second Criterion: Highest number of Silver Medals
Third Criterion: Champion with highest level Belt & Medal Ranking
Fourth & Final Criterion: Champion Heaviest in Weight & Highest Belt & Medal Ranking

Points from divisions where only one athlete signed up shall not count in the inter-academy contest.

Points from divisions where only athletes from same academy signed up shall not count in the inter- academy contest.